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MuSiC..♪.♫.♪.♫.forever ♥

1.PARAMORE: -->Misery Business --> Ignorance -->The Only Exception -->Airplanes>Brick By Boring Brick>Pressure

(én most csak ennyit tettem be,de még találsz számokat töllük  youtube-n)

2.alesana: -->Apology>The Thespian>The last three letters>"Lullaby Of The Crucified" veil brides: ---->Perfect Weapon --->Fallen Angels --->Rebel Love --->The Gunsling

4.HOPES DIE LAST: -->"Chapter One: Unleash Hell"

5.Asking Alexandria:> "A Prophecy" -->Closure -->Alerion -->A Candlelit Dinner With

 6.Skrillex:>Bangarang --->Rock n Roll -->My Name Is Skrillex -->Kill Everybody    ---> KYOTO -->Ruffneck - FULL Flex

 12.Bring Me The Horizon: --->The Sadness Will Never End -->"Visions" -->"Blessed With A Curse"

13.Attack Attack: -->Stick Stickly --->Smokahontas --->The Wretched -->Last Breath

 14.Goodnight Nurse: -->Death Goes To Disco -->Milkshake -->Going Away --->Our Song

15.Billy Talent:  ---->Fallen Leaves -->nothing to lose -->Red Flag -->Viking Death March -->Saint Veronica

16.Blessthefall: -->"Bottomfeeder" -->To Hell and Back -->What's Left of Me -->Pray -->Black Rose Dying